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Welcome to Fly By Night Fairy Gardens. We offer some of the best items for your fairy garden. Create the magic in your fairy garden. Fairies, fairy houses, fairy furniture, fairy walkways, fairy garden patios, fairy garden ponds, fairy pets and critters and miniature fairy accessories. No matter what age you are we still believe in magic. A fairy garden will give you hours of enjoyment.  My fairy gardens are a joy to create magical areas in my landscaping.  We feature fairy garden kits to make it easier for anyone to build their magical garden.

Celtic lands are where fairies come from. Fairies live in Fairyland, a magical place of fairy dust and magic. It is said if you take care of the fairies they will take care of you. So why not build them a fairy house with all the trimmings so they will feel at home in your fairy garden. Add a Gnome to protect all the fairies' treasures and a gnome can live in a fairy house too. Creating a fairy garden can be fun for all. Whether it be in a fairy container garden and placed on a table on your patio, tucked away under a plant, like a hosta or simply displayed in your garden among the plants you too can create a fairy garden. Why not create that magical fairy garden in your garden.

Just remember, to keep the fairies from playing tricks on you, rumor has it that you should leave small gifts for them such as a swing, cake, house or small gem in your fairy garden. Let your imagination go and have fun creating a magical place for fairies in your fairy garden. You never know, you too may see the fairies flying at night among the fireflies.

We constantly are adding new products to our fairy garden store, so check back often to see what's new at Fly By Night Fairy Gardens. New fairies keep arriving and don't forget to add those holiday fairy decorations to your fairy garden.

Product Care: For all fairy garden houses, fairies, and fairy accessories resin products, wood or clay a light coat of polyurethane is beneficial when being placed outside and will last for years.